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Favourite tattoo?

by megha (follow)
Tattoos (1)     

Which is your favourite tattoo?

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Top Answers
I'm not a big fan of tattoos, but do like the traditional Maori tattoos which go around the bicept, they look very strong and powerful.
I like tribal, Tibetan and Sanskrit ones.
Here's a pic of the one on my nape :)
I love tattoos that have meaning. I have a number of tattoos and each of them are symbolic to someone I love.
Tattoos are no for everyone but I think when done by professionals they can be beautiful works of art.
I do love also traditional culturally specific tattoos.
I love my husband's tattoo, because it is very him. It's hard to describe, but it suits him perfectly. Different designs suit different people. I think very delicate, feminine designs can be gorgeous (that sanscrit one in Antoinette's picture is lovely), but so can bold tribal style tattoos. Like "mummy" I like them best when they mean something, but you can't tell that just by looking at them, it's so personal. It seems very strange to me that some people make weird assumptions about people they don't know based on their tattoos. I've heard that "people with tattoos lack confidence" idea before and I just don't follow the logic of it. How does a tattoo that commemorates a deceased loved one, or reminds the wearer of a special moment in their lives, or membership in a particular group, or honours their culture indicate low self confidence? As to the risk, lots of things carry risks, but it's pretty easy to make sure that basic hygiene procedures are followed.
Something small and inconspicuous. It is impossible to choose a favourite unless you actually have tattoos yourself, because they can look like absolutely anything.
I don't particularly like tattoos, however I think the ones that are not always visible are therefore the nicest!
I do however find that a picture of someone is quite fascinating -saw this on an old lady the other day on her arm and it looked rather strange but was interesting to see how lifelike it was!

I also don't mind butterflies if they are small.
by Finy
One with a buddha and/or a yellow star with purple words "prosperity." I have better things to spend my money on.

In the same font as dear Arthur would write on the streets of Sydney.,
I don't like tatoos
I don't like tattoos. One I'd liked was a dainty mermaid on someone's back, below neck.
I quite like intricate and coloured floral tattoos, but one of the best ones I have ever seen is the one my sister has of the Holy Trinity. Really interesting to look at.
by Vee
A mark of the person lacking in self confidence, who's got to say to the world 'look at me'!

WHY would you have yourself injected with ink, in a possibly unhygienic situation?
It's the cause of possible MRSA infection, & heaven knows what else.
There's nothing attractive about them, they're hideous & repulsive. Especially on females.
Yuck to the nth degree.
Not that you would ever want to sound judgmental of people you've never met and know nothing about. Have you heard the saying "assume makes an ASS of U and ME"? You should try giving people the benefit of the doubt and stop making such nasty assumptions based on very little evidence.
This is my opinion, based on nobody in particular, just what I think about tattoos'.

Since when is that not possible on this so-called 'hub' for Austn. women?
It seems to be mainly 'populated' by women questioners' on topics, who haven't 'lived' a normal life, but object to those who do.

So why don't you just go away (restraining here what I'd REALLY like to tell you to do) with your nasty assumptions & let others' have their own thoughts on a subject, without YOU 'jumping down their throats' with your 'weirdo' & certainly 'odd' thinking.

Who tf do YOU think you are to be so nasty towards me? Your obvious jealousy is appalling.

Sick & tired of YOUR negativity & nastiness towards me, so just plain STOP IT! You're just a jealous 'bully' in disguise.
And you need much help, with that sort of attitude. Same as a few others' here. Gives me the s@&$-, when 'speech freedom' is stifled. Unfair, to say the least.

by donjo
My husband & I were rather horrorfied when our youngest daughter, (in her 30s) has a Little Red Riding Hood tat down 1 arm, (designed by her self, I think she said.) L.R.R.H. is wearing a mini dress, & red shows, holding a wolfs head with blood dripping down from it's mouth. This is on 1 arm, from the shoulder to the elbow. On the other arm, shoulder to elbow also, she has large red & blue roses with green leaves.She had a blue bird of happiness installed under each arm, & a large red bow in there middle of her lower back. There is also a very small club, diamond, heart spade, down the front of 1 lower leg, just before the foot. And very recently, she & her lovely b/f have had a small anchor (his surname!) tatted onto the inner side of their left wrist. I wont go into detailes of all the tattoos her b/f has, except to say he has 1 large spiderweb over each elbow. She had all her done, (except of cause for the anchor), before shed met him. Heaven forbid, but if I ever should be forced to have a tat, it would be a tiny tulip or a flamingo!
by Miro
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